Event Horizon is a visual representation alluding to parallel universes. If the idea of objects coexisting on different planes can be shown to the audience in a very literal example, it can make the idea more tangible. “The event horizon is a boundary beyond which events cannot affect an observer” – Wolfgang Rindler. The audience in this case is the observer of what goes on beyond the black hole, which is sometimes theorised as a gateway to an alternative universe. If an object is placed on each plane, they are separate entities, but at the same time they are coexisting although they do not interfere with one another.

This is another piece alongside String Theory, that looks to explore literal manifestations of Astrophysical theories. The geometry is relevant here as it is the area of mathematics con- cerned with the spatial relationship between objects. Instead of the spatial relationship between the users physical body and their life paths, in this instance it is the observation of the relationships of objects in accordance with one another.

Materials: Steel Rod, sand paste, pigment.

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