Gemiverse III: Alchemy (2023)

Shown during Collectible Fair Brussels 2023 – Curated Section by Leo Orta.

Materials: self-grown crystals, copper patina, ceramics, steel, casted glass, thermoplastic, recycled and scrap materials, tin, wood, resin, sand, acrylic, glass frit. 

Techniques used in process: Welding, patination, plaster mold making, wax sculpting, glass casting, crystal growing, silicon mold making, resin casting, hand carving wood, sculpting ceramics, kiln bisque fire and glaze fire. Carving resin. Painting. Experimental techniques and material combinations. 

Description: Table, 60H x 65L X 60D cm. Welded geometric metal structure with copper patina, holding a white and gold rock surface that is encrusted with a variety of handmade geology and minerals with a heavy emphasis on using preowned, recycled and scrap materials. 

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