From a material standpoint, this table is an exploration of combining several different materials in order to create a high contrast of colours and textures, endless possibilities and overwhelming senses.
The piece puts the audience in a world where the ones in control have given up on Earth, and have colonised Mars in the hopes of starting new instead of saving what we had. In the process, big business corporations that are controlling the population instead of government, are not learning their lessons from the time on Earth. Mars has been plundered for all of its resources and in consequence, the humans have destroyed their resources and themselves. The table is an Artefact from this time, discovered long after by some extraterrestrial archeologists trying to piece together what has happened. A representation of unsustainable humanity. If we do not speculate on what could happen to Earth in our future, we may end up in a world not unlike this one. For further information please contact Kitte Studio

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